Why do Narcissists Ignore Texts

Do you feel bad when a narcissist ignores your texts? If yes, after reading this article, you won’t feel the same way again.

Most of the time, we don’t feel bad because we love the person who ignored us so much, but we feel bad because of the wrong conclusions we make subconsciously. For example, a person may send a simple text to the person they are in love with and wait for their reply. The text may be a simple question that may be answered by a “yes” or a “no”, but in the meantime, they don’t wait for the reply alone. Instead, they also wait to know whether they are worthy or not. If they get a reply, they feel good about themselves. On the other hand, if they get ignored, they feel inadequate, unattractive, or even worthless.

Most narcissists understand this fact at least subconsciously, and they may use it to manipulate you.

6 Reasons Why Narcissists Ignore Texts

  1. Revenge attempt: a normal person will always answer a text unless they have a strong reason not to. On the other hand if someone ignored your texts or if they went ahead to block you then it means that they are so concerned about something you did to them that they took actions to hurt you. You don’t have to do something really bad to hurt a narcissist. For example, if they believe that you’re not giving them the attention they deserve, they may decide to temporarily cut you off so that you realize how important they were to you.
  2. They had high expectations: when a narcissist is interested in someone, they usually love-bomb that person and do a lot of nice things to them expecting to get a good response. When they don’t get that good response or if the response was not as good as they expected, they pull back and try to undo what they did. If the narcissist was overly nice to you and started ignoring your texts for no apparent reason, it’s a strong sign that they are interested in you.
  3. You ignored them: if a narcissist believed that you ignored them in one way or another, they would be eager to show you that you’re unimportant to them. Ignoring your messages is one way of showing you that you don’t matter to them.
  4. They want to see your response: narcissists’ self-esteem greatly depends on other people. If they have been giving you attention, they may back off to see your response. In this case, they believe that if they are important to you, you will automatically start chasing them as soon as they start ignoring you. If you ignore them back, they may assume that you don’t like them and they will really feel bad about it.
  5. They want to make you emotionally attached: in my article about making a narcissist addicted to you I said that giving mixed signals is a powerful way to get a narcissist attached to you. Narcissists who know this fact may ignore you occasionally in order to get you emotionally attached.
  6. Doing it unintentionally: even though ignoring texts is a narcissistic thing, it’s wrong to assume that the narcissist is ignoring you intentionally without enough evidence. It’s also possible that they haven’t seen your message yet, or they may be too busy. See: is ignoring a narcissist who ignores you a good idea?

What You Should do About it

From the previous information you can see that a narcissist can ignore your texts on purpose with good or bad intentions or ignore you unintentionally. If they were ignoring you unintentionally then you should just look for another way to contact them.

On the other hand if they were doing it on purpose with bad intentions then you should understand that if you didn’t really matter to them then they shouldn’t have taken extra actions to hurt you. See: what happens when a narcissist knows you love him.