Understandingmind Personal Coaching

Coaching Sessions


  • Daily Support
  • 6 Days per Week
  • Support given by chatting directly on whatsapp app.
  • You can talk about anything anytime
  • You will get advice, directions and proposed solutions
  • You can send unlimited number of messages
  • Price: $49 per week
  • To ensure the security of your payments, all transactions are handled by PayPal and not this site.
  • You can cancel your subscription any time you want
  • You will get both of my books for free.

Why is this Coaching Service Different.

  • I help people understand and deal with the root cause of the problem unlike other professionals who just give conventional advice.
  • This service is four times cheaper than alternative coaching services yet twice as effective
  • This coaching service focuses on solving your problems permanently rather than making you feel better for few days after the session
  • While most coaches will charge you per hour, personally I don’t believe one hour or two is enough to help you solve any serious problem. That’s why I usually charge $49 per week instead of charging the same amount per hour.
  • International support, I will help you wherever you are
  • You can send me unlimited messages.
  • No nonsense advice, I won’t give you the inferior advice found allover the internet that does’t work.

What will Happen after I Subscribe?

Right after the completion of the transaction, you will be redirected to a page where you will find my whatsapp contact and you will start a conversation with me right away.

Your order is Secure

Even though understandingmind.com is very secure, we do not handle any transaction. All payments pass through PayPal except for those who come from countries where PayPal is not supported. PayPal offers the most secure services for online transactions. They will not only make sure that your payment is safe but they will also take extra measure to protect you from facing threats present on the internet. Order security is guaranteed. Note that you can pay through paypal even if you don’t have their account.

Important note: My business name is “understandingmind” it may appear on PayPal checkout page and you may also see “UNDERSTANDINGMIND” on your statement.

About the Coach

You will be coached by Pacifique N. Daxton the founder of understandingmind.com, and the author of all articles on the website.

Your Privacy

All of the communications done between you and us will be private and no one will be able to view your information other than the coach. Your information is 100% private and no one will ever know you applied for the coaching service.

Refund policy

This service has refund policy of 180 days. Read this PayPal article for more information about refund policy.

If you have any question regarding this coaching program, or if you wish to have a short conversation with me before you pay for your session, please contact me using the contact form below and I will reach out to you within 24 hours.