Are Covert Narcissists Delusional

A short answer to this question is “yes”. Covert narcissists are more likely to become delusional than other types of narcissists. While it’s totally wrong to assume that all covert narcissists are delusional, their psychological makeup makes them prone to certain psychological problems. In simple terms, a covert narcissist is a narcissist who less social …

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What Drives a Narcissist Insane

Before writing this article I did a quick search on the web to see what others wrote about this topic. Most articles say that narcissists are driven insane by rejection, losing, criticism and so on. While that’s totally correct, normal people can also be affected by such things. No one likes losing or being rejected. …

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Why do Narcissists Ignore Texts

Do you feel bad when a narcissist ignores your texts? If yes, after reading this article, you won’t feel the same way again. Most of the time, we don’t feel bad because we love the person who ignored us so much, but we feel bad because of the wrong conclusions we make subconsciously. For example, …

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