How to Make a Narcissist Miss you

You can easily make a narcissist miss you by making them feel certain emotions. The human mind can be easily manipulated using emotions. You can easily manipulate a narcissist or any other person if you manage to induce certain emotions in them. People take actions based on what emotions they are feeling. Loneliness can make someone decide to visit their old friends or even start making new ones. Anger can force a person to pick a fight with someone without thinking about the consequences. If you can induce certain emotions in a narcissist, you can easily control how they feel towards you. So, what emotions can you induce in a narcissist to make them miss you?

You may be thinking that it’s rocket science to manipulate someone’s emotion but it’s something we all do every day. How did you feel the last time someone insulted you? Unless you are too confident in dealing with people, you probably felt angry, offended or afraid. You don’t have to do something negative in order to manipulate someone’s emotions. How many times have you approached people with a smile on your face? Maybe you didn’t think about it but you smiled to make them feel at ease and have a positive interaction with you.

What makes people miss each other?

It’s very important to understand what makes people miss each other first before you know how to make a narcissist miss you. We miss certain people when we are craving a certain emotional need that they used to satisfy, when nobody else is available to satisfy it. Let’s say you had a loving friend that you were very close to, but for some reasons you separated. Let’s suppose that both of you used to watch a movie at night, enjoying the moment together. You would most probably miss this friend as soon as you realize that you are watching the movie alone at night. This means that we don’t just miss people but we miss how they used to make us feel. So what does this have to do with making a narcissist miss you?

Narcissists are not remarkably different from other people. The fact that they are highly manipulative does not mean that they cannot be manipulated. Actually, the fact that they least suspect others to manipulate them can make them easy to manipulate. In my article on how to make a narcissist jealous, I said that you must conceal your intentions as much as possible when trying to manipulate someone.

How to make a narcissist miss you

Since missing someone greatly depends on your past relationship with them, you actually don’t need to do anything to make a narcissist miss you especially if you had many pleasant moments in your relationship. However, if you want to stimulate their nostalgia and make them miss you more, there are many things you can do to make that happen.

As I said in my post on how to get a narcissist back, if you recently separated after a conflict, it’s important to wait a few days so that the narcissist calms down.

Now, to make a narcissist miss you, you will have to indirectly remind them of the most important moments in your past relationship. The most important moments do not necessarily mean the most pleasurable moments but the moments when their emotional needs were fulfilled the most. Let me give an example.

If there’s a place where you used to go out with the narcissist and have an intimate conversation or fun with them, their mind will associate that place with the pleasant feelings they used to get in that place. In such a case, to make the narcissist miss you, you would do something such as taking a picture in that place and posting it on social media where they can see it. Unless you want to make them jealous, you should not be with someone else in that picture. Keep in mind that you have to do everything indirectly so that the narcissist won’t understand your intentions.

How to make a narcissist miss you after the discard

If you have information about the kind of life the narcissist is living at the moment, that will be a great advantage. As I said, the narcissist will miss you the most after the discard when they are missing something that they used to get in your relationship with them. You can easily make them miss you when you know what they are craving. For example, if they became lonely after discarding you, reminding them of the emotionally intimate moments you had in your relationship will make them miss you like crazy.

In my book “manipulating the manipulator“, I explained several ways to make a narcissist who had discarded you love you again. If your intention is to restore the relationship with the narcissist, there are several ways to do that if you don’t manage to make them miss you.

Another alternative method to making a narcissist miss you is to make them think about you. For more information about this, see my article: 6 ways to make a narcissist obsessed with you.