Growing Beyond the Narcissist

About the Book

Here are the two important things you will learn in this book:

1. Developing emotional strength and psychological power.

What is emotional strength and psychological power anyway? Before I define what is emotional strength and psychological power, let me give a few examples of people who lack them.

A person who remains broken for months after a breakup, a person who remains in an abusive relationship because they believe that they are stuck, a person who feels helplessness and the one who believes that there is no way out, a person who develops false beliefs about all men or women after going through a horrible relationship, a person who lacks self-esteem and confidence, and so on.

Psychological strength and power is acquired when you manage to be in control of whatever happens you, when you realise that you have knowledge and resources needed to deal with life problems and difficult situations, when manage to get rid of your weaknesses, fears and flaws and so on. That’s the kind of things you will learn in this book. Of course I’m describing it in general terms but in the book you will find detailed information applicable to real life situations.

I’m not going lie to you that you will develop emotional strength and power by just reading this book, instead you will need to apply what you will read in real life situations.

2. Understanding and dealing with difficult people

As I explained in some of my articles, when someone goes through a very unpleasant life experience especially in childhood, he usually developed an unusual personality in order to avoid such experience from ever happening again and to compensate for all the weakness he felt. A good example is a person who tries to achieve superiority by all means because he developed inferiority complex in childhood.

A narcissist, a psychopath, a manipulative person, an abusive one, the mentally unbalanced, etc are the type of people who develop difficult personalities after going through certain experiences.

I usually advise to avoid difficult people but unfortunately they are everywhere; some are our partners, our relatives, our bosses, our parents, etc that’s why it’s almost impossible to avoid them completely. Unfortunately, because of the unhealthy psychological needs they develop, they usually manage to control others, manipulate them and eventually make them suffer in order to fulfil those unhealthy psychological needs such as the need for superiority.

Surprisingly, most of them if not all, usually do everything in a primitive way that any person with the right knowledge can read their intentions, control them and push them in the direction he wants. And that’s what you will learn in one part of this book. In this book, you will get a deeper understanding of different types of difficult people including narcissists, how to read their intentions, how to push them in the directions you want, etc. If you read and apply the information in this book, I can confidently assure you that no one will ever use manipulations against you, take advantage of you or use your emotions to hurt you intentionally.

Book Information

Format: pdf, Ebook. You can read it on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Author: Pacifique N. Daxton, the author of all articles on this site.

Price: $12.99 (the price will soon increase after releasing a new version of the book with added chapters but for those who will have already bought the book, I will send you the new version absolutely free).

What is different about this book

This is not an ordinary self-help book where you will find general information found all over the internet and popular books, but rather you will find powerful information capable of changing your personality. All of the tips and techniques in this book are backed by psychology yet simplified enough to be understood by all.

About the language used in this book

If you have been reading my articles, you might have realised that my English is not perfect because English is not my primary language. In this book I have tried to use simple but understandable English. If you can understand my articles then you will understand this book even better.

Please use it wisely

My aim behind writing this book is to help you get rid of emotional issues, develop a good and strong personality and know how to deal with different types of people. Please don’t use manipulation tactics found in this book to make someone else suffer, to revenge or to take advantage of someone who doesn’t have that knowledge. If your intentions are learning how to manipulate others on your advantage or developing a strong personality in order to dominate others then this book is not for you. I am not responsible for the problems that might arise upon misusing this information.

By clicking the “buy now” button, you agree that you will never misuse what you will learn in this book.

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