My Mission and Goal

My mission is to give this website’s readers information that’s applicable in real life situations and give them solutions that really work when dealing with a narcissistic person. All articles are based on research and complex theories yet it’s presented in a way that makes it easier to understand for everyone.

My vision is to provide everyone with a unique advice that suits their circumstances best. That’s why you may read one article on how to leave a narcissist and another article on how to make a narcissist love you. Since articles alone are not enough to achieve this goal, I have a coaching program where you can ask me to help you deal with any problem you have.

All articles on this website are derived from modern and trusted psychology researches.

About Pacifique N. Daxton

My name is Pacifique N. Daxton. I’m the founder, the creator and the author of all articles on this website. I hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Most posts on this website talk about narcissism and it’s my passion to educate people on how to deal with narcissists. I was raised by narcissistic parents and I have been in relationships with narcissistic partners. That’s where my passion about narcissism came from.

I have helped many people deal with narcissistic relationship partners, children, friends and relatives. I have also help many narcissists get over their undesired traits and taught them how to get rid of psychological issues that make the become narcissistic.

Understandingmind is Different

  1. Change Is Guaranteed: Just apply the techniques you read here in your real life situation and I guarantee that you will see change. Don’t just read and forgot what you read instead try to apply what you read where you think it fits best in your life situations.
  2. All articles are based on psychology: You wont find simple advices on this website but instead you will find effective techniques that are based on researches yet simplified enough to be understood by all
  3. Practical and Applicable Information: On understandingmind you won’t find any useless article. We understand that each person is different so you won’t find all articles telling you how to leave a narcissist. Of course for some people leaving a narcissist is the best decision they can take but this doe not apply to everyone.
  4. Saving Your Precious Time: If you have gone through some of the articles, you may have noticed that the information is concentrated and to the point. We do care about your time and that’s why I always make sure that you get the maximum amount of information in the shortest possible time.
  5. No Duplicate Content: understandingmind is not like article directories that contain many repetitive and duplicate articles covering the same topic. Here every article is unique, covering a totally different point than all other articles.
  6. Simplicity: Even though understandingmind contains effective information that are based on complex psychological principles still the website provides the information in a very simple way that makes it world readable. You won’t find any complex terms or hard to understand theories. All information is presented in a way that everyone who knows how to read can comprehend.