6 Ways To Make a Narcissist Obsessed With You

You may be thinking that you have to be too attractive for you to make a narcissist obsessed with you but that’s not true. Of course being attractive gives you an advantage but attractiveness is not what makes a narcissist think about you obsessively. Before we continue, let me briefly explain how obsession starts.

Generally, people overthink about something they don’t fully understand. If someone came and told you that there’s something they don’t like about you, you will automatically start wondering what that thing is. Even if you were not interested in that person, you would still be eager to know what they don’t like about you. But as soon as they tell you what that thing is, let’s say your short hair, you won’t think about them anymore, especially if you are not insecure about your short hair.

You don’t have to give a narcissist or people in general negative remarks in order to make them obsessed with you. You just have to confuse them by taking actions that they don’t fully understand and let them try to solve the puzzle.

This is how to make a narcissist obsessed with you

Below are 6 ways to make a narcissist obsessed with you.

  1. Send them mixed signals: narcissists are usually in need of love and attention. Even if they don’t like someone, they will be eager to know if that person likes them or not, especially if that person is of the opposite sex. If you are closer to the narcissist, they will watch your actions and moves in order to understand if you love them or not. If your actions were obvious and predictable in a way that shows that you are in love with the narcissist, they will be happy to know it and that’s it. On the other hand, if your actions and behavior could not be fully understood, the narcissist won’t stop thinking about you until he finds the answer.
  2. The right way to send mixed signals: start by giving them attention and showing interest. When they start getting used to it, disappear and start ignoring them. However, don’t let them think that you’re ignoring them on purpose because they may assume that you dislike them. You should instead make them wonder why you sometimes look interested in them and other times not. Don’t let them come to a full conclusion whether you’re interested in them or not.
  3. Impress them: narcissists usually consider themselves better than other people. When they come across someone they think is better than them in one way or another, they either become jealous or really impressed. You shouldn’t worry about making a narcissist jealous because they only get jealous when there’s a direct competition. For example, if a narcissistic man believes that he’s the most attractive in a group and suddenly finds another man who is more attractive than him, he will automatically get jealous. You don’t have to do something extraordinary in order to impress a narcissist, you will just need to display your good qualities that the narcissist doesn’t have.
  4. What impresses a narcissist: this is an extension of the previous point. A narcissist will be impressed by someone who has a good trait that he lacks. If the narcissist is popular, he may like someone who is equally popular but he won’t be impressed by them as long as he is also popular. On the other hand if the narcissist failed to become popular and came across someone who is popular, he will be obsessed by that person.
  5. The people around the narcissist matter a lot: if one of your friends found that you like a certain person, they may start finding that person attractive as well. Not because the person is very attractive but because they think that everyone likes them. Narcissists are not different. If the narcissist’s friends started talking about you positively, he will start thinking that you are special. That’s why you need to impress people who are closer to the narcissist.
  6. The mistake to avoid: narcissists consider themselves better than other people and they try their best to make sure that other people see them that way. You should not do the mistake of treating a narcissist as if they are inferior to you in order to convince them that you’re better than them. You should instead let them realize by themselves that you are indeed better than them in one way or another.

Final Words

This information is meant to help you attract a narcissistic person. I don’t recommend using this information if you are already in a relationship because that would be unhealthy. If you are already in a relationship, you may instead read: how to keep a narcissist interested in you.

It’s also important to understand what kind of narcissist is your target. Some narcissists are mentally unstable that you can’t have a healthy relationship with them. You should avoid attracting that type. See: why do narcissists need so much attention.