5 Things that Make a Narcissist Panic

Before you know what makes a narcissist panic, it’s important to understand narcissists’ weaknesses and how they think.

Narcissism is a defence mechanism that a person develops as a result of going through a very unpleasant experience at some point in his life that destroys their self-esteem and leaves him ashamed of who he is. This mostly happens in childhood; however, an adult can also develop narcissism if he went through the same experience for a long period of time.

One example of a life experience that can make someone develop narcissism in his childhood is child neglect. When a child is neglected, he usually come up with a conclusion that he was neglected because he is bad and different from normal kids. When this conclusion is made it gives the child a lot of emotional pain, feeling of inferiority and low self-esteem. As a result, the child looks for methods to deal with that emotional pain. The child tries his best to cope with the pain using the resources he has but it becomes almost impossible to develop a normal personality. You should know that the exact opposite of child neglect which is child pampering can also make a person grow up a narcissist.

At this point, the child not a narcissist yet. Some people accept their fate and grow up shy and introverted, however this is not always the case. Some people choose to build a defence mechanism to cover up their low self-esteem and project a total opposite of what is felt inside. It’s also possible for a person to become a shy and introverted narcissist. This is called covert narcissism.

“I’m feeling vulnerable and I actually am, I must appear invulnerable so that nobody will dare to hurt me. I’m worthless I must exaggerate my self-importance.” This is how narcissists think. Of course this takes place deep in their mind that most of them have no idea of what is going on.

What Makes a Narcissist Panic?

This exaggerated self-importance which is not based on real achievement is destructive for the narcissist and people around him. It’s like building a skyscraper on a very poor foundation. A little earthquake can make it collapse. Anything that challenges this larger than life self-view can make them panic. The more their personality is a façade the easier they panic.

Here are 5 things that can easily make a narcissist panic.

  1. Defeat:  Nobody likes to be defeated but narcissists dread it. Even a small defeat like losing in an argument is unacceptable for some narcissists. Try to debate with one on a subject you understand well, and you will notice how they can deflect the subject when they start to sense defeat.
  2. Criticism: Narcissists believe that they are perfect, criticising them proves this pseudo-fact wrong. Criticism is not only unacceptable but it can also bring very bad consequences in the process of denying it. Criticising a narcissist in a situation that they are not able to defend themselves would really terrify them. Criticism hurts them most when it touches an already existing insecurity.
  3. Confrontation: If a narcissist is a bad parent for example, they already know it and choose to bury this fact deep in their mind and pretend that it does not exist. When you confront them, you bring it to the surface where it burns. The narcissist will not only deny it but you may also get punished. Don’t be surprised if you get a silent treatment after a bitter confrontation.
  4. Losing control: Narcissists crave control over people around him when he has lost control over his own life. Losing control also makes them feel weak and vulnerable. A narcissist who has lost control usually turns into a control freak to make sure that they control other people before they control them. The last thing a narcissist want, is to lose control over someone close to him.
  5. Ageing: Nobody likes ageing but narcissists depend on their good “physique” and beauty to get the narcissistic supply that they need need in order to cope with the deep low self-esteem. This makes them so terrified of ageing. On the flip side, those who use their intelligence to impress people are less affected with ageing. You can read more about this in my previous post “do narcissist get worse with age?”

Should I Make a Narcissist Panic?

Making a narcissist panic is a dangerous game. A wronged narcissist can seek revenge with passion. If you intend to do it, make sure that you do it with caution. It can work well if you are in a position where they cannot hurt you. It can also work if they depend on you for something very important to them that they would not risk losing.

I’m very against taking advantage of someone else’s weakness to exploit them. I understand that narcissists can be so hurtful that the only thing you want is to see them suffering. But hurting them back is not a healthy long-term solution.

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